Yachna Rizal derives her inspiration from the multi-dimensional rich Nepali heritage – a culture encompassing the diversities of ethnic, tribal and social groups manifesting in music, art, folklore, philosophy, literature – a society where she was brought up. Her designs are an effort to portray these elements on her work of art and to bridge the gap between traditionalism and modernity, reflecting the ancient traditions of Nepali craftsmanship and to apply an innovative use of traditional crafts to create a new classicism. Her signature is a revolutionary blend of traditional crafts and contemporary haute couture generating an appealing, polished creation. Yachna Rizal designs are a combination of the contemporary silhouettes with a range of traditional Nepali artwork to blend in with the Indian influence to redefine a future for the modern ethnic wear – monochromatic, aesthetic and yet daringly simple. This label captures and preserves the traditional and Indian craft method and includes Nepali hand-woven fabrics called the Dhaka with colours exclusively woven for her designs. Yachna Rizal defines ‘Dhaka’ as the quintessence of her brand – maintaining it to be the base material for all her designs and blending it with Indian silk (South and Banaras silk) and modern fabrics to colour her ideas on her designs.